Mount Mitake - Huge Rocks covered with Moss【御岳山】

【Tokyo Guide】  Shadowy woods, thickly grown leaves, deep green mosses...

 A wooded area known as Rock Garden is a popular place for a day hike among Tokyo locals.  It's located close to the summit of Mt. Mitake in the west of Tokyo. If you take a cable car, it's very easy to reach the summit and Rock Garden. Just going down from the summit in a few minutes, you can enter this forest.  This place looks like a little bit an ancient forest. Ferns grow and many huge rocks covered with moss are spread around this area. Especially in the summer, you can see a deep green of the forest.

 A small stream flows in the forest and a walking trail goes along it. People enjoy the sound of water and get fresh air on the trail.

 The hiking course at Rock Garden is not difficult and suits for beginners. Instead of taking a cable car, you can climb up the mountain. Mt. Mitake is 929 meters high. It must be a good course for exercise if you're out of shape.  Why don't you try this course without taking a cable car?

Recommended Hiking Course at Mt. Mitake

Basic Information Location: Ome City, Tokyo Access: Mitake Station (Ome Line) 15 minutes by bus from Mitake station

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Mt. Mitake in the SummerHuge Rocks Covered with Moss at Mt. Mitake