Kawasaki Daishi Temple - One of the most crowded temples at the first day of the year【川崎大師】

【Tokyo Guide】  People visit a temple or a shrine to pray for the new year in early January in Japan. Kawasaki Daishi temple is one of the most popular places for new year's visiting among not only local people but also people from all over Japan.  In the first week of every year, more than 3 million people visit the temple. Especially in the first day of the year, many people are packed in the not very big temple.

 The temple is believed to have divine help to ward off a danger, illness or misfortune. People visit the temple to get rid of bad luck at the first day of the year. That's one of the reasons why the temple is very popular for new year visiting. (If you visit Kawasaki Daishi temple for sightseeing, it's better to avoid early January, though. It's too crowded!!)

 Around the temple, there are some good places to visit, such as a big park called Daishi-koen (Daishi Park) and Nakamise shopping street.  You can go there in less than 1 hour by train from central Tokyo. It's a nice place for a half day trip.

Map of Kawasaki Daishi Temple & Daishi Park

Basic Information

Location: Kawasaki City, Kanagawa

Access: Kawasaki-Daishi Station (Keikyu Daishi Line) 10 minute walk from Kawasaki-Daishi station

Photo GalleryKawasaki Daishi Temple - 川崎大師