FAQ よくある質問

Frequently Asked Questions

・How much does it cost to join events?
 We take a participation fee to keep running this group. The range of the fee is from 500 yen to 3000 yen. You can check the fee on each page of the event info.


・Can I come on my own?
 Yes! We organize social events to get to know each other and make friends. Many of our customers come alone to events. You will be welcomed!


・Can children come to events?
 Children are always welcome, but if they're under 15 year's old, they must come with their guardian because most of our events are for an adult attendee.


・What kind of people come to events?
 Our social events and activities are for international people in Japan. Many people who have a different background join events. And our mission is making a connection between tourists and local people, so many local people also join events.



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